• Soft water will remove all existing scale from hot water cylinders, electric elements, pipes, shower heads, around taps and washers etc. and no new scale will form. It could even save you an expensive re-plumbing job.

  • No scale means shining taps, sinks, toilets, shower enclosures, tiles and surfaces – in effect soft water does the cleaning for you saving hours of fruitless labour.

  • Soft water saves hard cash – lots of it! 

  • Clean, soft water means an average 50% less maintenance and 50% longer service life of appliances.

  • Blocked drains caused by hard water scale, detergent and grease will be a problem of the past. More money saved.

  • Clothes wash clean and retain their brightness and colour and dry naturally soft. Soft water’s efficient cleaning action removes most stains easily in one wash without the need for special stain removers or pre-soaks.

  • Dishes, utensils and cutlery sparkle and are more hygienic.

  • Soft water acts as a natural conditioner for the hair and skin,banishing dryness. Shaving is smoother and closer. 

  • Best of all you can enjoy the luxury of a soft water bath or shower and all the other benefits, paid for by the savingsyou make at your local supermarket! 

Removing Scale

By removing scale from your hot water system you are helping it to run efficiently. We all know how expensive fuel is. Your 'A' rated boiler can quickly become a 'C' rated unit with a layer of scale incrusted on it. The government found that just a 1/4- 3/8 of scale could add 55% to the energy needed to heat water.

In fact since 2007 building regulations insist the system must be treated to reduce scale. A water softener is ideal as it eliminates it completely.


Cleaning Products

With soft water you will use less cleaners and detegents saving you money and making your home greener

With soft water you will use less cleaners and detegents saving you money and making your home greener

Once you get rid of the scale in the water you can say good bye to most of those harsh cleaning products saving you money and space. Mrs P also reminds me that is saves time and makes cleaning easier. Plus where you use washing powders and soaps you can reduce the amount by a fifth . Drum roll please.


We all spend a lot of money in our homes. Bathrooms and washing machines to name a few. Well with soft water they stay cleaner, work better and last longer. How often to you change your kettle or shower head? 



Washing machines soon scale up. Soft water is the solution saving you money on soap powder and calgon

Washing machines soon scale up. Soft water is the solution saving you money on soap powder and calgon

Who likes cleaning showers? Hands up. As there is no scale to mark your lovely shower and also less soap scum cleaning is easy. Also have you noticed how complicated shower heads have got with various spray patterns. They are horribly difficult to clean and they appear to scale up very quickly. Not with a water softener.


Water softeners stop scum forming with soap. Some people us liquid soaps to try to mitigate the problem which are expensive and not kind to your skin. Soft water and natural soap is all you need for a great wash and my favourite, lots of bubbles. 



There has been lots written about hard water irritating peoples skin. Many of my customers report that soft water improves their condition. I find that when I occasionally use hard water my skin becomes dryer which is no surprise when you consider all of the drying calcium in our water.


House work

Being a modern man I can speak with some knowledge about the chore that is cleaning. Showers, sinks, floors, windows, toilets the list goes on. Once the scale has gone the dirt does not stick. Really. Toilets stay cleaner.

We even have our outside tap on soft so cleaning the van is much easier.



So all of those benefits come with cost savings. Let me show what an average family of four can save in this area.

First on shopping every month. Getting rid of those cleaners and descalers plus the reduction in soap saves £41.20

Next the water heating £4.15

And finally the capital savings on washing machines, plumbing etc. £13.00